Bill Pullman was born on December 17, 1953 in Hornell, New York.The sixth of seven children his original ambition was to be a carpenter not an actor.He was the only brother that did not follow in his dad's footsteps.After he graduated high school he went to a technical college for construction.One day he wandered in the drma club where he met a drama teacher that inspired him to become an actor.He transferred to go to a actong college and got a BA in theatre.Bill joined a summer theatre company that toured South Dakota and got a teaching job in a theatre.Even though he was head of the department he decided to move back to New York to pursue his acting career.He spent the next 4 years in regional theatres.Bill headed west for theatre productions in which he starred.While in LA Bill went to movie auditions and got his first break Ruthless People.Since then he has appeared in 30 films including his most recent blockbuster smash Independence Day and Lost Highway.


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