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Glowdoll's Homepage of Hot Celebirities

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Welcome to my homepage!!!Have a blast in this awesome page full of handsome and gorgeous celebrities. I also have 3 other homepages you might be interested in looking at. They are Glowdoll's Party of Five Page, Glowdoll's California Dreams Page, and Glowdoll's F*R*I*E*N*D*S Page.

George Clooney is featured on this page.He is a major star in ER as pediatrition Doug Ross.There are also groove pics of him on ER, One Fine Day, and Batman and Robin.If you want my opinion I think he is HOT!!!

For the people who like older guys (me for one) we have Bill Pullman.He has played in many shows including Singles, While You Were Sleeping (with his gorgeous co-star Sandra Bullock who is also featured on this page), and the hot blockbuster Independence Day and many more unmentioned.

To find other cute and drop dead gorgeous celebs go on their is plenty to enjoy!!!


Click on who you want to see first!!!

My Snazzy List of Hot Links

Glowdoll's California Dreams Page: This page is about the hit show California Dream (Thanx Mel and Nicole)
Glowdoll's Party of Five Page: This is my fourth homepage!
Glowdoll's F*R*I*E*N*D*S Page: This is a cool site of mine totally devoted to the hit sitcom friends!
Glowdoll's Jennifer Aniston Page!: This is my other site all about the great "friend" Jennifer Aniston
California Dreams Homepage: This is full of sound waves from shows and songs!!!Oh and she is my best friend too!!!
George Clooney Page: Come in for awesome facts and pics!!!
Chris O'Donnell Webpage: AWESOME PAGE!!!!A+!!!
FoxxxxyBrown's Will Smith and Leo Site!: Check this out.She is one of my best friends!
Michelle's Homepage!: Do you like music and dancing?If so come to this site!!!
Sara1019's Claifornia Dreams Page!: Go check this out it is really cool!
Glowfinn's Homepage!: This is an AWESOME site!!!Oh and meet the president of the Really Good at Doing Nothing Club!!!
Andrew's Homepage!: This is a totally awesome site!!Don't believe me.....?See for yourself!

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